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Infinite Campus Staff Login

Infinite Campus documentation is now in "resources" in the <palystaff> group in Schoology.


Bob (includes the Single Sign-On, Schoology, Help Desk, and Google Apps

  • Schoology Intro Video
  • Directory - find direct-dial and phone extensions for PAUSD staff
  • HR
    • absence-reporting (sub-finder - please use even if you do not need a sub - it lets everyone know that you are not on campus in case of an earthquake or other emergency); benefits; etc.

Track-a-Vike Tutorial Attendance Tracking login (link added 8-28-13)

Track-a-Vike Tutorial Attendance Tracking Instructions (revised 8-28-13)


Textbook Tracker web login - Does not work with some versions of Firefox.

Textbook Tracker instructions - These instructions are for the installed Textbook Tracker program rather than the Web-based version. The Web-based version runs very much the same as the installed, so these instructions will also be helpful to the Web users too.

Tech Help

Staff Facilities Reservations

InFocus Streaming Setup

  1. Install the VLC player here.
  2. Control-click here to download InFocus.xspf to your desktop.
  3. At the appropriate time, double-click on InFocus.xspf to view the infocus broadcast.