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Contact us at (preferred)
or call 650-329-3711.

When contacting the Attendance Office, please provide the following information (if leaving a voicemail message, please speak slowly and clearly and spell the first and last name of the student):

  • First and last name of the student.
  • Grade level of the student
  • Provide your name and state your relationship to the student.
  • Give the reason for the absence and the days/periods missed (if no reason is given it will be unexcused
  • If calling about a teacher's error, please have your student pick up a correction form
  • Please only call OR email. Doing both is unnecessary.
  • Parents/Guardians have 72 hours to excuse an absence. After 72 hours documentation is required in order to excuse the absence.

Please see Student Handbook for details about attendance procedures.

The two forms below are PDFs that should be printed, filled out by both the student and his/her teachers, and signed by the student, a parent, AND a Paly administrator before turning the form in at the Attendance Office (note: during the 2020-21 school year, teacher and administrator signatures are not required due to our virtual learning model):