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College Admissions Representatives


Our relationship with colleges and universities throughout the world is very important to us and we hope you find the information here helpful in your work.

You can learn more about Paly by reading our school profile. Find information about grading and course credit.

Please note that as of Fall 2019 the College Center is no longer located in the Tower administration building; you can find us now in the library building (500).

Information about College Representative visits to our campus

We host over 225 college admission officers per year.

  • Appointments are available every period in 40-minute increments (either the first or second half of each academic block period) Tuesdays - Fridays. We don't schedule more than one college at a time. You can check the daily bell schedule on our calendar, here (click on the label to expand and see details with class meeting times). We don't recommend you visit on days with special schedules.
  • Our 12th-grade (and some 11th-grade) students regularly attend these visits. Teachers grant permission for students to miss class if they don't have a prep period; teachers support the opportunity for students to connect with colleges.
  • One of the College Advisors will sit in on the presentation, if available, but the College Advisors often meet with students during these times too; we make every attempt to speak with each visitor, even if for just a short time. A parent volunteer will host your visit to campus and take notes that are entered in Naviance to share with those students who are unable to attend.
  • Consider not scheduling your visit to Paly during the National Association for College Admission Counseling conference, as all of our College Advisors attend. If you must visit that week, you may do so.
  • We do not schedule visits on the Wednesday of the PSAT in October.

Scheduling a visit to Paly

To make an appointment, please do so online at RepVisits. If you need further information, please call Ms. Karla Larson, (650) 329-3823 after August 9th. Although a phone call is preferable, in case adjustments to your request need to be made, you may also email her.

After scheduling your visit, you will receive a parking permit and campus map in the U.S. Mail. If you don't receive it, please stop by the main office to pick one up; the PAPD tickets in our lot. There are two parking spaces designated for college rep visits, on the El Camino side of campus, closest to the Tower (administration) building.

If you're running late on the day of your visit, please call the C&CC volunteer desk: 650-329-3818.

Looking for a place to take a break or grab a bite to eat, nearby? Check out Town and Country Shopping Center, across the street from Paly.

Registering for the 2024 Palo Alto College Fair

For registration information about the Oct. 14, 2024 fair, please email