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Senior Profile Forms

The Senior Profile consists of 5 important items:

  1. Post High School Planning Survey. This survey is found on Naviance. Please complete and submit no later than 72 hours in advance of your appointment with a College Advisor. More information about scheduling appointments can be found on
  2. Profile & Info for TA Letters of Rec. This Google form is shared with student by the TA. It's a questionnaire that TAs rely on when writing the Letter of Rec.
  3. Parent/Guardian Assessment. This Google Form was shared with parent/guardians via Parent Square. The form gives parent/guardians the chance to share stories about their student and any circumstances they want the TA to know.

Supplemental Information Form (SIF)

4. This is another Google form shared by the TA. Student should download a copy (or copies), print and fill out the top of the form, give to a teacher, coach, employer, scout leader, youth minister, etc. who can share insights about the student with the TA. Copy of the form can be returned when completed to the TA, or the recommender can email the TA with their thoughts.

The Important Family Discussions Around College Applications Document

5. This document was posted in Schoology by the TA. Please use it to guide the discussion between students and parent/guardian about any factors to consider when choosing colleges for their application list.