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For more details about Paly's award-winning journalism program, including information about the Paly Journalism Archive, the Media Arts Boosters program, Camp MAC and more, visit

  • Anthro - news and feature magazine focused on activism and social justice.
  • C Mag - An arts and culture magazine centered around the community of Palo Alto High School.
  • Campanile - The campus newspaper. News stories and current events.
  • InFocus - Paly's broadcast journalism program.
  • Ink - literary magazine
  • KPLY - Paly student radio broadcast.
  • Madrono - Paly's yearbook
  • [proof] - [proof] is the Paly arts magazine that includes contributions from all of the Arts programs, as well as various aspects of arts for learning in the classroom for creative thinking. Issues include regional, national, and international arts exhibitions, events, and topics. Submissions of writing and artwork may be submitted to Please include your full name, contact cellphone, and a short description about yourself and your artworks. Issues are published twice a year for each semester in January and May.
  • Verde - The campus news and features magazine. Covers issues pertinent to the community.
  • Video Production - Filmmaking here is a fine art that explores adaptations, narratives, genres, auteurs and movements (i.e. postmodern, avant garde, dogme 95). Students tell their own stories and films from concept to final cut.
  • Viking - Paly's sports magazine
  • Voice (Online Features) - Paly's online news service; also carries media from the Campanile, Verde, and In Focus.