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Child Development Pathway

Through this pathway students develop practical skills, build a strong academic foundation in child psychology and development and understand the responsibility of working with young children. Twice per week, students gain hands-on experience and apply their academic knowledge by engaging with young children in local preschool or elementary classrooms. The relationships Paly students build with their buddies makes this pathway a meaningful experience that enhances their learning in powerful ways. 

There are 3 year long courses in this pathway, Early Childhood Development 1, Early Childhood Development 2 and Child Development. Additionally, students in this pathway can earn a weighted grade through our honors section and college credit through our dual enrollment program. College credit is earned without having to take an AP test.

After completing this pathway, students will be in a position to apply for teaching permits so that they are able to obtain a salaried position as they pursue their post-secondary education. Accumulating up to 24 college credits can help students graduate (or transfer) on time or early.  We are also working with local childcare providers to arrange for internships, which would provide students with the professional skills they need to obtain employment.  

The pathway is open to all students, and students do not need to commit to the pathway to take introductory courses; everyone is welcome.

See Course Catalog for more information. Additional information may also be found at