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Design, Visual, and Media Arts

"Design, Visual and Media Arts" (Publications) Career Pathway

Paly's "Design, Visual and Media Arts" (Publications) Career Pathway aims to offer students hands-on opportunities for training and experience in the media arts, with particular focus on our publications program.

With a focus on leadership and creating products for a real audience, students in this pathway prepare for internships and jobs as reporters, photographers, graphics / page / Web designers, technical specialists, videographers, webmasters, podcasters, statisticians, producers, interviewers, social media editors, engagement managers, illustrators, news editors, sports editors, entertainment critics, editorial writers, opinion editors, columnists, managing editors, anchors, business managers, and more.

Students generally enter the pathway through Beginning Journalism, Photojournalism or Introduction to Broadcast Journalism, but there are sometimes openings for students with advanced skills in Graphic Design, Photography and coding. Second year students join a publication staff, officially enrolling in Advanced Journalism and Media Studies (AJAMS). Seniors who have completed AJAMS enroll in Media Leadership and Management/Honors.

The pathway is open to all students, and students do not need to commit to the pathway to take introductory courses; everyone is welcome.

See Course Catalog for more information. Additional information may also be found at